Thursday, February 17, 2005

work it, work it...

My my, our little rockstar just got asked out on a date! Woo hoo!

I went to a friend's party in Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) last Saturday, and ended up having a pretty long and pretty fun convo with this gentleman. Seems he is a graduate student at Columbia, so we'll call him Mr. Higher Ed. I don't remember what he is going to school for, or what we talked about. Frankly, I'm not sure if I could pick him out of a lineup either. I do remember he knows how to do the moonwalk, which he kindly demonstrated.

Mr. Higher Ed was brought by on friend, who is gay, and therefore I had rather assumed they were "together", like as a couple. YES, I am aware that people of all kinds of sexual orientations can spend time together. I really realized it after I had left the party, mulled it over, and came to the conclusion that I had quite enjoyed Mr. Higher Ed's company and that he was a potential date. I quite quickly called the host of the party and left her a message, saying that if he happened to be straight drop him my number.

She sent an email on Monday thanking all of us for coming, and did not mention anything, so I figured I must have made a faux pas. Until I got the call last night. It was from area code 412, where is that? I never answer numbers I don't know, so let it go to voicemail.

The message pretty much just says he got my number, and wanted to know if we could go out or something of the kind Friday night. That would be 100% him asking me out on a date.

Reader, at this must I must pause to make a point. I am not a shy, receding flower. Honestly I tend to be the one asking the guy out or making the move. Its just that I know what I want and have pretty good intuition, so don't need to be bound by stereotypical dating rules. That is why something like this is such a pleasure; it means I have met someone of my own caliber.

Anyhoo, I will be calling him back again today with my dilemma, which is thus; I would indeed love to spend time with him tomorrow, but happen to be throwing myself a birthday party. Which he is welcome to attend and bring others, but I know I will not be able to spend as much time with him as I would like. (If he comes I must make sure not to loose a sensibility from drink). Also, I have plans for a night on the town with Connecticut Jen Saturday, so that night is pretty shot as well. Maybe Sunday? I guess it depends on whether he comes to the party or not.

Note to self: must buy two new outfits. One for party tomorrow and one for impending date. Happy birthday to me!!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Hope 'Higher Ed' comes to your b-day party!! : )