Friday, February 11, 2005


I read somewhere that every day 1,500 more people start a blog. That, frankly, is mind numbing for me. So many people trying so hard to do something. Reach out? Share knowledge? Vent? Inform? Be known?

An established blogger died yesterday, Mike Wolf. He was not one of the random 1,500 - he has been blogging for a while, and had quite a following. That is such the wrong way to put it. He was a person, and he was loved. It just so happens that he chronicled his life in a public venue. Now people are mourning him in the same venue - the comments of the last post of his blog.

I am an amateur blogger, my friends. I have only been doing this for three months. Other people, such as Mike, have been doing this for years. People like him have helped to shape - or reshape - the internet as we know it. He was one of the pioneers who could picture all of us reaching our humanity out to the entire world through the world wide web. Who would have thought, five or ten years ago that people would want their personal diaries published for the world to see? The people who started blogging in 2002 (or earlier if you find it!) had something to say, and just believed that people would want to hear it.

Mike was one of these visionaries. To him, I tip my hat, and send all my good energy to what lays beyond.

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