Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the shore

Just looking at me you can tell I am not a beach person. But I'll tell you what. You put me, Spaghetti, and Thighs together with the 'Seaside' Jersey Shore and by god, I'm converted.

Now, you have to understand. We have a routine.

The rental car is picked up. We drive down, stop at the grocery store. Buy the same ten items. Then stop for booze. Maybe dinner.

We drink, talk, sleep. Wake up.

And prep for the beach. The cooler is packed with fruit, sun chips, ice tea, water, and maybe a snack bar. Someone puts the beach chairs and umbrellas in the trunk. We lotion up and pack up. On the way to the beach we stop for a sub. Cut into three pieces. Of course.

We go to the beach, find a spot. Set out the towels, put up the umbrellas. Space out the chairs. Then do our thing.

There may be talking for an hour or two. Conversations about the trashy magazines we brought along and random publicity gossip. Catch up on the drama in our lives that takes a little more comfort to unsurface. Then silence. Relaxation. Acceptance of each other and ourselves.

More often than not we are too beat from the beach than to do more than have dinner somewhere nice and then drink on the porch of the house the second night. Not that it is a cop out. Quite the opposite. We are interesting people, time spent together is always fruitful.

Honestly, I started this post to tell you a funny story about something that happened this past weekend because we did a little something that broke the mold.

But you know what? I'll save that for later. For now I'll just rejoice in the splendor of relaxing times spent with my good friends on the edge of the Atlantic.

Because I'm not a beach person. But I am a Toms River Beach House girl.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

iphone for all

You thought the iphone couldn't do everything?

Ohh, yeah. Oh yes, yes it can.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

net worth

Recently I was blown away by the article in the NY Times stating that in a couple of major cities such as New York women in their twenties are making more than men of the same age.

Although women's earnings still lag behind throughout the great majority of the country, in some big cities people of the female gender are kicking ass and taking names.

Many reasons are discussed upon to give cause. More than 50% of the population graduating from college are female, women are more likely to move to NYC to make it big, etc etc.

Sure the statistics are heartening, even though I wonder about what happens after childbirth and the glass ceiling. What really caught my ear was a point that came up on NPR because of this article.

Reverse Cinderella syndrome. Let's think about romantic comedies. I'm telling you, 90% have the woman as a super-successful career woman who just is lacking...something. The guy? Most likely well-meaning bumbling idiot. Who although not fiscally responsible will add that missing bit of heart and life into the woman's current meaningless and empty existence.

Okay, not really a bad twist perse. I like the strong woman themes, dig on the total ability of the heroine to build a strong independent life. But why does the guy have to be a loser? C'mon, we are ALL bumbling idiots. Can't I find a bumbling idiot who is in the same successful* category as me?

*(Successful very loosely defined as being able to earn a steady living therefore supporting one's own rent and lifestyle, also having pride in what he does. Seriously, I've done it since the age of 20 for gods sake.)

It really amazes me how quickly our culture has shifted. Is it a backlash? Or an offshoot from Sex in the City culture? Or maybe just the new reality that women in our generation look down on being financially dependent and therefore this is the last relief we can truly have? Someone to help us relax?

Dunno. But as always I'm not fitting any stereotypes so whatever. Sure I'm making money, but hell I'm crazy fun. How can you live a Cinderella story if you are really good at saving yourself before you ever get into any trouble?

Crap. Stupid romances.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

grass roots

Tyler Perry is someone I really admire. I finally submitted and watched Daddy's Little Girls.


Dammit, I loved every minute. But not just because of the story, but because of what this Mr. Perry does.

First of all, his complete library of books and movies speak to a positive lifestyle. Resounding of community and personal responsibility with the honest to goodness belief that right always will beat might. Even when odds are overwhelmingly against you, if you stay true to the powers of good then you will be rewarded. But you have to hold out when everything is at its darkest. And you will always be tested, always. So true to life. And true to my innermost belief that goodness does win when given a chance.

Secondly, he works friggin' hard. This man is constantly writing, producing plays, filming, and touring. To top it off he has an open distro list to which he sends letters. Just to keep his fans appraised of his goings ons and to give positive messages. Such a constant outpouring of creativity, and what seems like a bottomless well of generosity to which he gives everything that he can to his fans. Wow.

Finally, he believes in what he does so much that he just sinks all of his money into it. He spends his own cash to make plays, films, and TV shows. Everything he makes goes right back into getting his message out there because this guy believes it is right.

Yes, he is only a man, he is human. But aren't all superheroes? Or at least most (for those geeks paying attention.) So I give this guy mad props. Because so few people follow their beliefs to this extent. Especially once they have achieved a certain amount of fame or money, or are part of the media machine.

So I guess now I'll just have to netflix Madea's Family Reunion. (By the way the fact the man is totally cool appearing in TV and movies in drag add to his way coolness level too) Oh, and I totally can't wait for Why Did I Get Married? More Tyler, and damn such a kick-ass cast!

Love this guy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Two friends got their pics in the Times!! They are two of the lovely ladies at the table. La La La is face front and Bacon is in pink on the left.

How cosmopolitain they are...

Sunday, August 12, 2007


When did this happen? And why? And where did all the beer go? It needs a home...

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Netflix is always trying to recommend movies to me. So once and a while I let them do so. Go in blind, with trust.

So I let them send me Dhoom:2. Never saw the first one, but whatever.

It is an action flick. Intro scene involves the theft of crown jewels. From a moving train. So we are talking mission-impossible type scene. Parachute to the moving train, disguise, then of course snowboard/sandboard off the back of the train. Intense action, neat.

But then this happens...

Did you watch? You can't keep reading if you didn't. Because I sat there with my mouth hanging open.

I know, I know, this is bollywood. And they have the whole singing and dancing thing going on. But seriously, just stop and try to picture Tom Cruise, Toby Macguire, Bruce Willis, or even Shia LeBoeuf in that scene???

On the other hand, this actor is H-O-T hot. Dude, he can dance! And those abs. And pecs.

Final thing to note - there was an intermission to the movie. Because when you add in FIVE (count them, five) dance numbers movies become two and a half hours long. At least.

Sure, I enjoyed it overall. But just having a hard time adjusting to the song and dance breaks. Dude. C'mon.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Last night I went to a Mets game with a social outing from work.

Dude, it was so much fun! Seriously, these are some incredibly awesome people. And a baseball game pretty much is always a good time. Especially when the home team wins.

This game was blind luck. Or fate. We got an email saying we could buy tickets for a game, one per person. You didn't know who else would go, if you would know anyone. So I signed up. Because I trust in my innate ability to talk. To a wall, if need be.

When the list of takers came out I knew about one third, 15 or so people. Even better? A few that I have had drinks with before.

In case you all didn't know...You have drinks with me, you are a friend for life. An acquaintance is someone I haven't had a drink with yet. It really is that simple.

So I knew I would have a good time no matter what, these peeps were fun. And maybe I'd meet a couple more fun types.

Who knew it would be a bad travel day? Or a kabillion degrees out? All the same my 15 was reduced to 6. And maybe I took a few pics. Oh, good times.

On another note, I am totally still enamored with my crush. I have to admit something, he totally is single. I lied. I was worried someone might say I'm a pussy for not making a move. Because I totally am.

Seriously, this guy is still around. Dammit, if this guy walked up to me and winked in just the right way I swear to god I would jump him in public. Because I don't know if you are aware, but sometimes I can be really impulsive.

Shy about flirting. But aggressive sexually. Yeah, ironically a good combination.

My parents must pray a lot. A lot lot.

Oh!!! I almost forgot! I got a new joke!!!!!

Are you ready?

I hope you are, because if you know me then you will hear this A LOT over the next few years. (forgive me)


What did Kermit the Frog say at Jim Henson's funeral?














*I know you are groaning now. but you love it.*

Sunday, August 05, 2007


I've never dropped out of a race before. But I just couldn't do it. After mile 4 I was sick and if I was feeling that off that early in the race? Talk about torture.

It isn't so much the fact that I didn't finish that bothers me as the owning up to it. All the people who will be asking me over the next week how I did. Why is it so hart to admit to a weakness?

The funny thing is I can't decide what to do with the race bib. I'm thinking of putting it on my fridge to keep me humble. A little humility never hurt anyone.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Being good is boring.

It has been two weeks since I had a drop of alcohol. I'm dying here. And watching a kazillion episodes of Rescue Me has not been helping.

Tomorrow is the half marathon, and I am paranoid as hell about it. I know I can go the distance, but holy jesus on the cross it is going to be hot, humid, and sunny. Oh, and I have to be at the park by 6 am. Yes, that would be SIX IN THE MOTHER FUCKING MORNGING.

You all know me, I'm as positive as they come. But this is going to be a bitch.

So I'm doing everything in my power to make sure I'm as hydrated as possible. I'm skipping a sure to be kick ass engagement party (Yay Meg Kakfel and Mr Meg Kafel!!) because it starts at 7:30 and I'm afraid I'll stay out too late or be tempted to eat or drink something that will surely be my downfall.

Would it be wrong to finish the race and then immediately walk into a bar and order a shot of whiskey? Oh, but bars can't serve alcohol until noon on sundays and I'll be done running around 9:30 or so.

Ugh, so here I am eating healthy all week and especially today. Counting down the hours until I can party like a rockstar again. This is it people, I'm done with distance running for a while. A few 5K's and 10K's maybe, to keep my speed up. But I'm ready to start having some adventures again.

All the training and long runs have been really taking too much of my time and energy. My social life has been weak. Enough is enough, I'm bored with it already.

No more ms goody two shoes. Rockstar is ready to play.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

where's the fire?

So I went and got myself hooked on that damn damn Denis Leary show Rescue Me in true rockstar fashion.

Which means I netflixed the first three seasons and have watched them pretty much straight thru. Or at least as fast as they mail them back to me.

Dammit, I didn't want to like the show because Leary is such a jerk. But his huge maligned personality actually really works well with the show.

Honestly the characters are great and the story lines take brilliant unforeseen turns. They really know how to throw some punches. Figuratively of course, punches thrown in the actual episodes are acting after all.

One thing I find interesting is that as much as I'm loving this series I don't really relate to any of the characters. Even more sup rising, as hunky and brave and sexy as these guys are on T.V. I don't find myself really attracted to them. Just goes to show jocks really aren't my type I suppose.

And yes, because I have exactly that kind of insanity watching so many episodes so quickly and immersing myself in their 'lives' means I did consider the idea of going into the fire department myself.

It only took me 30 seconds to realize that sure as heck wasn't going to happen. No upper body strength here people! NONE AT ALL. Seriously, the last time I went on a strength kick working the weights and all for weeks I tried arm-wrestling with Thighs who hasn't breathed near a gym in three years and she just wiped the floor with my sorry weak ass. So no heroics for me.

You would think though I'd be into at least one character though? Guess I understand now how some guys could never really get into Sex in the City. Different strokes.

Luckily for me I won't have to get cable to watch season four that is playing now. It just became available in itunes. Oh apple, you treat me so well....