Wednesday, August 01, 2007

where's the fire?

So I went and got myself hooked on that damn damn Denis Leary show Rescue Me in true rockstar fashion.

Which means I netflixed the first three seasons and have watched them pretty much straight thru. Or at least as fast as they mail them back to me.

Dammit, I didn't want to like the show because Leary is such a jerk. But his huge maligned personality actually really works well with the show.

Honestly the characters are great and the story lines take brilliant unforeseen turns. They really know how to throw some punches. Figuratively of course, punches thrown in the actual episodes are acting after all.

One thing I find interesting is that as much as I'm loving this series I don't really relate to any of the characters. Even more sup rising, as hunky and brave and sexy as these guys are on T.V. I don't find myself really attracted to them. Just goes to show jocks really aren't my type I suppose.

And yes, because I have exactly that kind of insanity watching so many episodes so quickly and immersing myself in their 'lives' means I did consider the idea of going into the fire department myself.

It only took me 30 seconds to realize that sure as heck wasn't going to happen. No upper body strength here people! NONE AT ALL. Seriously, the last time I went on a strength kick working the weights and all for weeks I tried arm-wrestling with Thighs who hasn't breathed near a gym in three years and she just wiped the floor with my sorry weak ass. So no heroics for me.

You would think though I'd be into at least one character though? Guess I understand now how some guys could never really get into Sex in the City. Different strokes.

Luckily for me I won't have to get cable to watch season four that is playing now. It just became available in itunes. Oh apple, you treat me so well....


Thighs said...

Year and a half if it makes you feel any better. ;)

fish said...

I think you like for one of the same reasons I have been addicted to it for 3 season, it's real. Not realistic mind you, but real. They curse, their homophobic, racist, funny, insane and perhaps a bit gay themselve. And lets face it, that is probably what it is like live in a house full of guys willing to run into burning buildings for a living.

How funny are the Jesus visions?