Tuesday, August 21, 2007

net worth

Recently I was blown away by the article in the NY Times stating that in a couple of major cities such as New York women in their twenties are making more than men of the same age.

Although women's earnings still lag behind throughout the great majority of the country, in some big cities people of the female gender are kicking ass and taking names.

Many reasons are discussed upon to give cause. More than 50% of the population graduating from college are female, women are more likely to move to NYC to make it big, etc etc.

Sure the statistics are heartening, even though I wonder about what happens after childbirth and the glass ceiling. What really caught my ear was a point that came up on NPR because of this article.

Reverse Cinderella syndrome. Let's think about romantic comedies. I'm telling you, 90% have the woman as a super-successful career woman who just is lacking...something. The guy? Most likely well-meaning bumbling idiot. Who although not fiscally responsible will add that missing bit of heart and life into the woman's current meaningless and empty existence.

Okay, not really a bad twist perse. I like the strong woman themes, dig on the total ability of the heroine to build a strong independent life. But why does the guy have to be a loser? C'mon, we are ALL bumbling idiots. Can't I find a bumbling idiot who is in the same successful* category as me?

*(Successful very loosely defined as being able to earn a steady living therefore supporting one's own rent and lifestyle, also having pride in what he does. Seriously, I've done it since the age of 20 for gods sake.)

It really amazes me how quickly our culture has shifted. Is it a backlash? Or an offshoot from Sex in the City culture? Or maybe just the new reality that women in our generation look down on being financially dependent and therefore this is the last relief we can truly have? Someone to help us relax?

Dunno. But as always I'm not fitting any stereotypes so whatever. Sure I'm making money, but hell I'm crazy fun. How can you live a Cinderella story if you are really good at saving yourself before you ever get into any trouble?

Crap. Stupid romances.

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