Saturday, June 30, 2007

expensive toys

I was having second thoughts.

Who wants to be THAT guy, the one that buys into the hype and media? Who drops a kabillion dollars on a gadget? Who is the geek to buy the toy on the first day.

But...the movie I went to see with friends ended and the apple store on 5th ave was/is open twenty-four hours. And at 10:00 pm there was no line to get in, and the ten employess in front of the store were actually still cheering on everyone who entered. And the line was so fast, I walked in, waited one second behind two people, then they gave me my phone.

So here I was back home, worrying about switching services and keeping my number. Silly me, this is apple after all.

Again, two minutes. Service switched in itunes. The toy is syncing right now. At some point I have to go to bed in order to run ten miles tomorrow morning. But I don't know how with so many features to learn and play with.

Oooooh shiny. Now I have no excuse for not calling back or texting a reply. Crap.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

that guy - geek version

My ipod broke during my trip to Missouri. Which is okay, I've had it for three years. What is even better, it gives me an excuse to go buy the new iphone.

Normally I would wait and drool for a few months before buying a new item like this. Let the bugs wear out and whatnot.

But there is that excuse....gotta replace the ipod.

Or phone is over two years old

My favorite...I do have Friday off so I could wait in line for a midnight on sale...

Who am I kidding, I work all those extra hours just to buy and own the shiny.




(And for those of you really paying attention, this will be my first of two midnight lines I plan to wait in this year. Who's joining me on July 21st?)

p.s. Phone goes on sale 6pm Friday. So much for my midnight run.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Okay, I have officially become a tad bit obsessed with High School Musical. I bought the music. Then the movie. Then listened to the music all day and came home to watch the movie.

Seriously, is there some strange subliminal message embedded in the damn thing?

HELP ME. PLEASE. AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........

Sunday, June 24, 2007

disney and fellatio

Today I laid low due to this damn running hobby. I even turned down a super drinkfest with Thighs.

Course, it is that and I'm really tired of hangovers. They suck. And they have been getting worse and worse. Epic style disasters, really.

So to keep my occupied today I read a book and watched three movies. What flix?

Cars, a Disney-Pixar creation.

The Brown Bunny, the Vincent Gallo movie with a full on blowjob scene.

High School Musical, the made-for-TV Disney movie.

My mind is now officially warped.

Friday, June 22, 2007

stages of life

Yes, I know I’ve been gone for a while. And boy is there a lot to catch you all up on. I just didn’t feel inspired to write, guess that happens to the best of us. So I’ll do my best to give you all the good dirt shortly. In the meantime let’s get back in the game…

So yesterday someone offended me so much that I almost got into a shouting match. At work. At a department lunch.

What could they have possible said that would offend me so that I saw red?

That people who live in Manhattan only do so at that EARLY stage of their life. You know, the one before they grow up and realize how foolish it is not to have a yard and space for grown up stuff.

Okay, so he totally didn’t say it exactly like that. But he kind of did. And man o man that just rubbed me the wrong way.

It is interesting that of all the conversations I have had over the years this is the only one that really got my goat in that quite a while. This guy was speaking from experience, his friends who had lived in the city in their twenties all picked up and moved to the burbs in their thirties. Thus in his mind that is just what people do moving through the stages of their lives.

One thing that bothered me is that he refused to accept that there were people who didn’t fit his known mold. I kept trying to tell him I’m in my thirties and by god I don’t want a yard (Mowing?? Gardening?? Pshaw.) And think a one bedroom is plenty of space for little ole me. Heck, I have guilt at the idea of owning too much stuff because that makes me a capitalist pig who can’t pick up and move to another country on a whim.

Because I do that so often. Yeah.

He also really implied that once the mystique of the city wore off and your priorities were in place leaving the city was the right thing to do. That’s kind of what really got me the most. My priorities are totally together, living here is still a dream come true. It is expensive for a reason – everyone wants to live here! Supply and demand.

It is rare these days to find someone who wants to put me into a square hole when I am a firework peg. Someone who insists that eventually I, too, will succumb to their idea of what is right. Which is really fortunate as a whole, it is nice not to have to deal with that with any near the frequency that I did back in the Midwest.

Also I get it that maybe it is a bit of cognitive dissonance on his end and all. Sell hard because you are really selling yourself kind of thing.

So no I didn’t beat him down. And I changed the subject lickity split. To keep the peace an all. Cause I’m good like that.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Okay, according to CNN the crime rate is going up in major cities.

Like Miami.

And San Diego.

Oh, and don't forget Grand Rapids, MI.

Seriously?? Grand Rapids??.

Maybe the article should be about random cities with increasing crime rates instead? Most interestingly, they cite gang related violence as being the main problem.

Not Detroit. Not Flint. Nope.

Gangs in Grand Rapids. Seriously, I can't get over it. Must be a bitch fighting for territory when the downtown consists of about five blocks. Damn.


When is taking the easy way out the worst way?

Lately I have been complacent. I've been making enough money to not have to worry about it. My job is going well enough that most of the time I don't give it a second thought. The apartment is comfortable and rent hasn't changed in two years. Friendships are all strong and stable, reliable. No rumblings from the tummy, and I am running-injury free.

So I've been laid back. What is weird is that with the lack of struggle everything becomes more and more quiet, including my thoughts. I still have them, but the drive to express myself is so muted.

Thighs says that I should enjoy this time of comfort, but I feel guilty for this stasis, for the lack of movement. Mostly because the mere fact that I have been in publishing for over six years seems to me an eternity, and all I can think is "Why have I allowed myself to linger here so long?"

As I get older I wonder if I have the stamina to go back to school for a PhD. I still really think that I would really enjoy teaching and think that I have a talent in that area. But the question is what path do I take to get there?

How and when aside, as much as I'm trying to let myself stay still and calm for a minute I have an underlying sense of guilt for not doing more. The clock is ticking, when do I make my next move?

Honestly though, my biggest fear is that the complacency will win. That my inner drive will quell and my life will fade into obscurity and normalcy. That the comfort and safety of routine will suck me under like quicksand. I don't want my most exciting self to be over.

When do you get to be past your prime? Is it inevitable?

I’d rather burn brightly and end quickly than fade away so slowly that my light blends with the rest of the sky.