Tuesday, June 26, 2007

that guy - geek version

My ipod broke during my trip to Missouri. Which is okay, I've had it for three years. What is even better, it gives me an excuse to go buy the new iphone.

Normally I would wait and drool for a few months before buying a new item like this. Let the bugs wear out and whatnot.

But there is that excuse....gotta replace the ipod.

Or even...my phone is over two years old

My favorite...I do have Friday off so I could wait in line for a midnight on sale...

Who am I kidding, I work all those extra hours just to buy and own the shiny.




(And for those of you really paying attention, this will be my first of two midnight lines I plan to wait in this year. Who's joining me on July 21st?)

p.s. Phone goes on sale 6pm Friday. So much for my midnight run.

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