Thursday, December 27, 2007

holiday cheer

This is how you define the BEGINNING of holiday fun.

Pics under appropriately decorated dead animal...

Accompanied by beers the size of your head.

Nice start!!

Oh, and we each had two of the afore-mentioned monstrous brews. Plus Scho did a tequila shooter. He does after all have a few inches he needs to make up for if you didn't notice...

something is a-brewin'

As per wrote, I am a spontaneous person.

I HATE making plans. I love any event that occurs just because it needs to happen. Because people wish it to be.

That being said, any kind of discipline is of course my greatest challenge. Which is of course why the marathon was such an accomplishment. I mean, geez - how long did I need to work to get to that point?

So here I stand, on the juxtaposition of my life. And I realize I can go with my gut...or go with timing.

Timing is EVERYTHING. At least that much I have learned. There are ideas brewing in my mind. They are golden. But the universe has to be aligned to make it happen.

Here is how it will go down. I'm not going to tell you too much. Because I always frickin jinx myself by saying too much. There will be code words.

I will reach goal F by putting into play goal S as of Jan 2nd. When (not if) this happens as planned (jebus help me) by end of March I will engage in one of the bravest moments of my life.

Don't assume anything here, I believe this idea has been kept locked in that special secret place that I own for a while now.

It is time to shake things up. And this will be the divining rod.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

there and back again

Yeppers, just stepped in the door back from the home front. In a wise preventative measure I kept the visit very short. Four nights.

I'm still kind of processing the trip. It happened so fast. As always it was bittersweet. And I took many pictures. Which I will upload and then expound upon.

In some ways it was harder to go home to Detroit this time. Maybe because I stayed away longer? Or maybe it is a timing thing. Where I am in my life and whatnot. There were so many good times back then, and now they are coming less frequently. Totally my own fault for being such a hermit lately.

But it did give me some ideas. Just have to sift through to find one that isn't fool's gold.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


You know, over the past few months I have asked multitudes of people the same question.

"What is the perfect job for me?"

Let me tell you, I have had some interesting answers. All of them insightful. In one way or another.

You know what? It was the wrong question. What I really need to know is:

"Who do I want to be?"

My current job requires me to play a role. Which obviously I don't mind enough to quit...but I recognize is an act enough to make me long for a place to be myself.

So now I have to figure out how I want to live. And the job will follow.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the fun just keeps comin'

Okay, I totally could not resist. I'm doing it again.

New Year's Eve. My place. If you didn't get the evite don't be shy. Give a shout.

Hell's bells, if you are here from out of town you better damn call. It will be that fun. And that easy. Not that I'm easy, I'm just friendly and prone to giving affection...

Ooops. tangent there. What I mean to say is this:

Where else would you really like to be to ring in the new year?? Where do you know you will have a good time?




Awwwwww yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Monday, December 17, 2007


So I was thinking forward a week from now when the parental interrogation is to take place. You know - how the job is, what exciting is going on with the glamorous NYC life, if I am seeing anyone...

This made me grin, because now when I say, "I date on occasion…it happens!" I can even say "Just this past week I went out to dinner with hurry date guy"

Then of course they say "hurry date guy who?"

Oh crap. Dude, I so don't know this guy's last name! Not all that surprising, the whole speed-dating thing doesn't get much past what you do and where you live. Remembering more is a challenge. And to be honest even when I meet a guy at a bar I am lucky if I remember his first name at all when the night is over.

But it brings up another question - when do you give and receive last names? Hell, I haven't even given this guy my email address yet, we are communicating through the dating site still.

Honestly, I'm a little hesitant to give my proper name as of yet. What if this guy is a loony? Specifically not in a good way? But on the other hand, if you are going out on a date shouldn't you know more about them in CASE they are unstable and your friends need to track down them should something go awry?

Guess either way you could lose. It comes down to trust. Or luck. You choose.

In the meantime - if I'm still enjoying myself by desert I think I'll do the information exchange. Because that will clear the way for me to over theorize about the whole third date thing.

Lordy. It just keeps on keeping on.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

back in the saddle

Dating just confuses me. It just doesn't make sense. You basically schedule a set of interviews to see if you want to fall in love.

How does that work? Look at the first date - you both are on your best behavior, doing your damnedest to make sure you don't let out too much of your crazy.

To be honest though, isn't it the crazy in people that really makes you like them? When you describe the people closest to you, it is what sets them apart that you think of first. And what you look forward to in them the most.

So I went on a date with one of my speed dating matches this week. It was surprising. Because it was FUN.

Yep, you heard me right. I went on a date and had a good time. I heard somewhere that this could happen, but thought it was some strange urban myth. You know, like waking up in a bathtub of ice with a kidney gone or being able to think yourself thin.

Anyhoo, so we enjoyed each other's company. But I just couldn't get a read on his crazy. We met at a bar for drinks, and because you know how I like to have a plan I had arranged it so I had to leave the bar after two hours. That way if the night was a bust I had a sure out. And if was to go well then I could get out while the getting was good.

It went well. I think. There weren't many lags in conversation, and he was interesting and pleasant. We had some laughs, and at the end of the date we did the whole good bye kiss thing. I had a smile plastered on my face the whole way home and for the rest of the night. Because he seemed great, and the fact that it was so shocking for me to enjoy dating. Who knew? Maybe I can do more of this?

But how long will it take until the curtain comes down enough to know if I really like the guy? He asked me out to dinner next, so I guess we'll see soon enough. What will it be, I wonder. What will it be...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

firefly love

As if we didn't love Mal (oops, I mean Nathan Fillion) enough...

Just read this and you know that the romance will never die.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

speed dating

So my friend and I totally didn't bail, we were strong like bull and lived up to our plans.

Unable to go to work that day I was still able to meet up with Spaghetti in the subway and we traveled to the locale itself. The event was planned in the downstairs lounge of a bar on the LES.

We walked in and found our way down the stairs to find a very nice space. Low-lit and comfortable, it was decorated with couches, tables, and stools lining the walls. There were lettered tents on tables to indicate the 'dating' locations. First thing to do of course was to get some drinks. Then we had to sign in with the meeting organizer, who gave us a nametag with our first name and dater number as well as a scorecard. The scorecard was like a brochure, one page folded in half having the interior consisting of 50 lines with 'Y', 'N' and a small space for notes.

As the room started to fill up we did mingle a little with one of the guests. A Russian who had been born in St Petersburg who has a passion for the Argentinean Tango. He was nice After a LONG fifteen minutes talking to this guy the host announced for us to take our seats so we could begin.

This is how it plays out: Each woman takes a spot and remains in that location throughout the evening. A gentleman then joins you and a discussion ensues for four minutes, at which time the host blows a whistle and the men all rotate counter-clockwise one spot over to meet with the next person. And as the changeover everyone frantically scribbles notes about the person they just met, trying to document as much info as possible while not losing time with the next candidate. Shorthand would have come in handy.

Okay, this was the moment I had been studying for. I had my code words and general questions; most especially I had my ‘do not talk’ points.

Which of course all TOTALLY went out of the window. The laundry list was pretty much played out with most - what do you do for a living, where do you live, where did you grow up, what do you do for fun...ARGH!! It kind of made sense, my rules are for general mingling so that you don't get stuck in a situation that you are miserable in forever. Couldn't get stuck here.

So how did it go? You know what? It was TOTALLY FUN. Not even kidding. We had a great time. I gotta be honest, that four minutes really worked! Sure, if you were in a good conversation (and yes, believe it or not there were some) then it was too soon, but by god there were some moments I was craving that whistle to blow.

Yep, there was creepy invade your personal space Imus looking guy. And the scary dude who would talk to me but not look me in the eye - until I mentioned my job and he got excited about the concept of printing too many books. (Nobody but nobody gets excited about inventory management) There was a token new jersey ‘Guido’. Also, I have to admit, there was a dude with a kick-ass lazy eye. So movies and TV do tell a bit of truth, there are some skeevy ones to watch out for.

But there were some good guys! Most were pleasant enough, and there were even men that we really liked!

Craziest thing about the setup is that you so quickly forgot everything that was discussed. Spags and I kept trying to recall where the Aussie worked and anything at all about older guy.

Even though I took some notes having met fourteen people in one night really put them in a pot and distilled them down to their essential essence. You forget the specifics but the impression and aura of the person remains. In an effort to remember anything/everything Spags and I caught some quick tapas and compared notes.

We each liked four guys; of course to make things tricky there were two that we both liked. Because of course they were the most charismatic men in the room. Most likely they were the big winners of the evening in general. Once identifying our choices the next step was to go home and sign onto the website to which the party was arranged from and log our picks.

Twenty-four hours later we got our results. Who liked us and who did we like? Of our four three liked each of us back - only one of our mutual picks choosing us both. What is really interesting is that of the gentlemen who chose us and we didn't return the favor; four of them were the same. Do they like what we have in common as friends or did they just choose almost every woman?

So now the really tough part starts. Actual dates. Lordy what have I started???

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

the conversationalist

The big day is upon us, tomorrow I voyage into the world of the speed dating.

*insert collective oohs and aahs here*

Supposedly I will meet ten to fifteen men for five minutes a pop. On one hand five minutes sounds like nothing (also known as a new york minute, natch) but in the company of the wrong person it is an ETERNITY.

So I have been working on my strategies.

bring up the weather (snore)
inquire about their job (potential landmine - could upset them or me)
ask what they do for fun (c'mon)
allow Disneyworld into the conversation
mention Sex in the City (typically NYC men hate that show for obvious reasons)

use the letter game (first letter of name = predetermined word I have to work into sentence. e=energy for example)
ask how they got 'here' (litmus test - literal, figurative, or playful)
inquire 'how's life treating you?' (good indicator of positive/negative tendencies)
ask about his drink (I'm Irish for god's sake, I can talk about alcohol for hours)

bring up flight attendant past (potential inspiration of unwanted lecherous behavior)
mention the upcoming holidays
the marathon

Run Screaming
any inquiry as to a 'top 5' list comes up
professional wrestling is in any way mentioned
the word 'taxidermy' is used in conversation
safe words are discussed (okay, maybe I am a little intrigued...put under questionable)

Or of course if I have no interest in the five minute date guy at all, there is always "tell me about your mother." At least that one will result in a really great story.

Strike that, more likely a really interesting story. Interesting for YOU. Dammit.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


So I've been watching a lot of star wars lately.

It's because of the Wii. When I got it I also acquired the Lego Star Wars game. Basically you get to enact all six of the movies, broken down into several parts. So far I completed Episode I and Episode II. (And yes it is way awesome!!)

Even though I grew up with the series, really I've only watched the movies a handful of times. We didn't have cable or a VCR growing up, so it wasn't on constant replay like it was for others. Now that I get to be Obi-Wan and Yoda it comes in handy to refresh myself of the plot. So I can anticipate fighting Darth Maul or Count Douku.

Today I caught Empire on cable. And you know what? You really can tell the difference between the Jim Henson effect on Yoda. CGI ain't got a thing on his mad skills with the puppet.

Even more interesting? Seriously whomever wrote the Degoba scenes was heavy into shrooms and weed. SERIOUSLY. We are luminescent beings? You only will find what you bring with you? There is try not, only do or do not?

As a lifelong Henson fan I'd like to think it was him doing the doobies and adding the dialogue. I also wonder - did republicans hate Empire? Being so touchy-feely and whatnot?

Or did they just focus on the warfare? Oh yeah, that's probably it. A little something for everyone. Heh.

something new

Guess what. I'm doing something new this week.

Speed dating.

I knew you would be stoked. Because you are DYING to know what it is like.

Wednesday night. Me and Spaghetti and ten to fifteen men between 35 and 45.