Saturday, December 01, 2007


So I've been watching a lot of star wars lately.

It's because of the Wii. When I got it I also acquired the Lego Star Wars game. Basically you get to enact all six of the movies, broken down into several parts. So far I completed Episode I and Episode II. (And yes it is way awesome!!)

Even though I grew up with the series, really I've only watched the movies a handful of times. We didn't have cable or a VCR growing up, so it wasn't on constant replay like it was for others. Now that I get to be Obi-Wan and Yoda it comes in handy to refresh myself of the plot. So I can anticipate fighting Darth Maul or Count Douku.

Today I caught Empire on cable. And you know what? You really can tell the difference between the Jim Henson effect on Yoda. CGI ain't got a thing on his mad skills with the puppet.

Even more interesting? Seriously whomever wrote the Degoba scenes was heavy into shrooms and weed. SERIOUSLY. We are luminescent beings? You only will find what you bring with you? There is try not, only do or do not?

As a lifelong Henson fan I'd like to think it was him doing the doobies and adding the dialogue. I also wonder - did republicans hate Empire? Being so touchy-feely and whatnot?

Or did they just focus on the warfare? Oh yeah, that's probably it. A little something for everyone. Heh.

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Darius said...

Lego Star Wars Rocks!!!