Tuesday, November 27, 2007

living the dream

There is a clothing company I love called Life is good. One of the cool things about them is their litany of mottos.

Currently they are sporting the ideal:

Do what you love,
Love what you do

Totally easier said than done. I mean, I love drinking, but don't want to do it for a living! And if I HAD to socialize to pay my rent, wouldn't it be a chore?

Then the question of hobbies comes up. Sure, I could go get a job at the Apple Store. But at 35 I can honestly say I don't want to stand on my feet all day earning $20/hr to work my way up to store manager. If I really wanted to work for the fabulous Mr. Jobs I could try for corporate, but my love for living in NYC beats me moving to California. (Although I did apply for an Ireland opening without a problem.)

What is interesting at this point in my life is the constant interior dialogue about how nice it is to have money. Over the last year I have finally for the first time in my life been able to afford all those things I have denied myself for years. Clothes, computer, video game, travel, and finally now furniture. Once I get a new couch and chair my big-ticket items are complete. Money will be a luxury for a while and I can afford a pay cut if I decide on a career change.

Unless I want to buy a home. Is the security of real estate worth staying at a job that I kind of like sometimes?

Do what you love.... love what you do. Something to ruminate on.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

a star wars life

Literally I have grown up on star wars. The first movie was in the theatres when I was five, and of course I saw it then.

Over time the movies haven't changed, but I have. This I can tell you:

When I was a child I was in love with Luke

As I got older I fell in love with Han.

Now? Well now I am in love with the true hero of the saga.