Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, I guess it had to happen sometime. New York City has gotten impressively safer over the years, but there still is crime in the big city.

The other night I was out on the town and my wallet was stolen. From right out of my purse.


What galls me is I know EXACTLY when it happened. I was at the bar and my purse was on the back of my chair behind me. At one point I could feel someone close behind me who kept bumping my bag. The bar was full enough that I thought it was either a) someone jostling for bar space to get a drink or b) a person who was in close quarters just accidentally bumping into my bag.

Nope. Time came for the bill to be settled and when I reached into my bag no wallet was to be found. Being the eternal optimist I grasped at the possibility that I had inadvertently left it at home. Not likely, but it could happen. I keep my metro card in a separate pocket in my purse, so I hadn't looked in my bag since I left my apartment.

My whole way home I had every finger crossed. To arrive at my apartment where no wallet was found. Immediately I started cancelling cards...and confirmed I hadn't just lost it. Yep, charges for about $500 were made against my Amex.

Fortunately I'm not responsible for the fraudulent charges, I gotta say Amex is great with the customer service. Overnighting a new card and whatnot.

But now I'm wondering how far am I from identity theft? What are the odds this person threw away my wallet as opposed to kept the information to do more damage?

To be honest I'm happy that my whole purse wasn't taken, having my keys and camera and phone. Those things I would have to pay for. So I'm left just having to replace a bunch of plastic. And have earned the knowledge to be a little more wary of my personal space.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


What is the difference between jaded and wise?

A couple minutes ago I received a fantabulous email from a dating site. Seriously, it was so awesome.

So next I go to the guy's profile. Yep, again perfect. Seriously, there are things that I don't even put on my list that were there.

What do I do? Log off. This guy has an angle. He's faking. There is a game.

Crap. What is wrong with me? When did I become so cynical? I'm honest online, is it so hard to believe I'm the only one?

Crazy thing is I haven't really been lied to or misled by my online dating experiences. So this whole disbelief thing? It's gotta be me, my issues.

Guess I'll have to break down that wall.

Now how do I so that?

Monday, May 17, 2010


Well here I am, a month away from the race that I decided I'm going to PR in. And how am I doing?


Somewhere I lost my motivation again. I've been running only about two times a week. Which isn't much.

And it showed. My time for Saturday's 10k wasn't bad, it was just plain average. A typical race. Which means I'm going to need to get my ass back in gear.

First change I'm making? A pledge to run every single day until the June 12th 10k. Even if it is just a mile. Every day.

For 'real' runners this isn't a thang. They run that often anyway. For them missing a run makes for a sluggish day. But I've never really been that guy. Even when training for the 2006 marathon I was only running 3 days a week.

To help me along on my quest to be an every day runner I also invested some cashola in a running class. I've never done the group running thing before, but now I'll be doing it two nights a week for the next ten weeks.

Will the competition give me that extra motivation? Hope so.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

rose colored glasses

Today I inadvertently ticked somebody off. As in got them so angry that they called me and threatened to "escalate" the problem and "take it above my head".

Normally at work I don't have this problem. People know me, and therefore expect me to be pleasant and easy-going. If something I do or say seems aggressive or disrespectful they get confused and ask me for clarification.

But for some reason I just rub this one person the wrong way. Or do I? Does she react this way to everyone?

It just occurs to me that in life you can chose how to react to things. Inconveniences happen, things go wrong. Do you pick yourself up and brush yourself off, or lie there kicking and screaming?

The funny thing is that I kind of get how she got to be like this. The longer I'm in my job the more I get annoyed at other areas of the company. Which never used to happen. I always would laugh when other people did things wrong, thinking to myself "ah well, it was a mistake."

And I miss that!! I miss not getting my ire up and just letting work stuff roll off my shoulders. Getting fired up doesn't help anyone, especially me. Getting fired up just gets me worked up with no place to go. Because I can't fix other areas of the company.

So being at the edge of turning into this other person I have decided to laugh things off again. Accept that I can't change or fix other areas. Appreciate what can be fixed and chuckle my way through the day.

Also maybe forgive this person for her faults. Or really just avoid her. Yep, that sounds more like my style...