Wednesday, May 05, 2010

rose colored glasses

Today I inadvertently ticked somebody off. As in got them so angry that they called me and threatened to "escalate" the problem and "take it above my head".

Normally at work I don't have this problem. People know me, and therefore expect me to be pleasant and easy-going. If something I do or say seems aggressive or disrespectful they get confused and ask me for clarification.

But for some reason I just rub this one person the wrong way. Or do I? Does she react this way to everyone?

It just occurs to me that in life you can chose how to react to things. Inconveniences happen, things go wrong. Do you pick yourself up and brush yourself off, or lie there kicking and screaming?

The funny thing is that I kind of get how she got to be like this. The longer I'm in my job the more I get annoyed at other areas of the company. Which never used to happen. I always would laugh when other people did things wrong, thinking to myself "ah well, it was a mistake."

And I miss that!! I miss not getting my ire up and just letting work stuff roll off my shoulders. Getting fired up doesn't help anyone, especially me. Getting fired up just gets me worked up with no place to go. Because I can't fix other areas of the company.

So being at the edge of turning into this other person I have decided to laugh things off again. Accept that I can't change or fix other areas. Appreciate what can be fixed and chuckle my way through the day.

Also maybe forgive this person for her faults. Or really just avoid her. Yep, that sounds more like my style...

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