Sunday, June 24, 2007

disney and fellatio

Today I laid low due to this damn running hobby. I even turned down a super drinkfest with Thighs.

Course, it is that and I'm really tired of hangovers. They suck. And they have been getting worse and worse. Epic style disasters, really.

So to keep my occupied today I read a book and watched three movies. What flix?

Cars, a Disney-Pixar creation.

The Brown Bunny, the Vincent Gallo movie with a full on blowjob scene.

High School Musical, the made-for-TV Disney movie.

My mind is now officially warped.

1 comment:

ctina said...

wait.. is this a movie about perverts in disney world? because that would be too funny.

i, too, have been curtailling the amount of alcohol i imbibe -- esp on vacation! Because running hungover SUCKS. And running on vacation is one of my favorite things. I'm officially old.