Saturday, June 30, 2007

expensive toys

I was having second thoughts.

Who wants to be THAT guy, the one that buys into the hype and media? Who drops a kabillion dollars on a gadget? Who is the geek to buy the toy on the first day.

But...the movie I went to see with friends ended and the apple store on 5th ave was/is open twenty-four hours. And at 10:00 pm there was no line to get in, and the ten employess in front of the store were actually still cheering on everyone who entered. And the line was so fast, I walked in, waited one second behind two people, then they gave me my phone.

So here I was back home, worrying about switching services and keeping my number. Silly me, this is apple after all.

Again, two minutes. Service switched in itunes. The toy is syncing right now. At some point I have to go to bed in order to run ten miles tomorrow morning. But I don't know how with so many features to learn and play with.

Oooooh shiny. Now I have no excuse for not calling back or texting a reply. Crap.


fISH said...

Precious, must see my precious... is it heavy, will it fit in a pocket, does it get finger prints and face oil on it easy, what does it smell like, can you hear the fan. Is it true the battery sucks, and the blue tooth, and did you switch to AT&T yet?? Must play with PRECIOUS!!!

You know what would make a great wedding gift?!?!?!?!

Actually I was very proud of myself I am holding out for the BETA. Bad Nerd.

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

Seems heavy for its size, but isn't really. TOTALLY fits in my pocket, smooth as silk. Finger prints only show when it is off, buying fancy sticky thing to prevent screen snatchies.
No noise, going to see how long the battery lasts. Everyone played with it for an hour or more at the beer garden saturday and nary a bar was down on the power.
AT&T is slow on the data download...but now with all the money they just are starting to rake in with converts like me they can fix that in a jiffy. (Easiest switch to a new plan ever thanks to itunes)
Love my new toy. Every time I pick it up I wish I had more stuff I needed to do on it so I could look at it more.
The video playback is STUNNING.
If I didn't need a new ipod I would have waited for the beta too. :)