Saturday, August 18, 2007

grass roots

Tyler Perry is someone I really admire. I finally submitted and watched Daddy's Little Girls.


Dammit, I loved every minute. But not just because of the story, but because of what this Mr. Perry does.

First of all, his complete library of books and movies speak to a positive lifestyle. Resounding of community and personal responsibility with the honest to goodness belief that right always will beat might. Even when odds are overwhelmingly against you, if you stay true to the powers of good then you will be rewarded. But you have to hold out when everything is at its darkest. And you will always be tested, always. So true to life. And true to my innermost belief that goodness does win when given a chance.

Secondly, he works friggin' hard. This man is constantly writing, producing plays, filming, and touring. To top it off he has an open distro list to which he sends letters. Just to keep his fans appraised of his goings ons and to give positive messages. Such a constant outpouring of creativity, and what seems like a bottomless well of generosity to which he gives everything that he can to his fans. Wow.

Finally, he believes in what he does so much that he just sinks all of his money into it. He spends his own cash to make plays, films, and TV shows. Everything he makes goes right back into getting his message out there because this guy believes it is right.

Yes, he is only a man, he is human. But aren't all superheroes? Or at least most (for those geeks paying attention.) So I give this guy mad props. Because so few people follow their beliefs to this extent. Especially once they have achieved a certain amount of fame or money, or are part of the media machine.

So I guess now I'll just have to netflix Madea's Family Reunion. (By the way the fact the man is totally cool appearing in TV and movies in drag add to his way coolness level too) Oh, and I totally can't wait for Why Did I Get Married? More Tyler, and damn such a kick-ass cast!

Love this guy.

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