Monday, July 30, 2007


It's been almost three years for me in this apartment, and I've been itching to make a move.

For the size and location of my apartment I have a really great deal. I know this. It has enough space for my stuff and for guests to stay the night. It is close enough to work that I walk every day. (LOVE THIS) There are tons and tons of bars and restaurants right off my front stoop. Merely a fifteen minute walk to Central Park, my running path of choice.

Of course there are some things I am not a fan of. Like having to walk up the stairs to the fifth floor. Not having packages delivered to my apartment because there is no one to sign for them. Having no laundry in the building so I drop it off with a wash n fold place.

All of these things that I complain of are totally normal, everyday compromises that come from New York living. Not really bitchin, just taking stock

So the question comes up - my next move, do I continue to rent or make the big move of buying a place? Having equity. Ooooooh responsible investing.

The really interesting thing is that I started to write this post last week. And today, for the first time since I moved here, I got notice of my rent increasing. Not by much, only $100 a month. Not bad since I lived increase-free for the last three years. Nice timing.

Honestly, to buy a place at this time I would have to leave the borough of Manhattan. God, even the idea of financial security can't pull me away at this point. Guess I'll have to start bucking up for those broker and moving fees for another rental.

Anyone know of any good one-bedroom apts on the west side opening up? I'd really like an elevator this time around...

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ctina said...

hey, if you move can I rent your place?! :)