Sunday, July 08, 2007


My apartment is south facing and gets a ton of light. Really I am lucky in that way, which despite the proliferation of tall buildings being erected in my neighborhood I get so much unfiltered light.

One morning, noticing how bright of a day it was, I decided I should wear sunglasses on my walk to work.

I exited my apartment in sunlight. Walked ten yards.... and experienced about twenty more yards TOTAL of direct sunlight on my half-mile walk to work.

Literally, a corner here and a short stretch there. My walk to work consists of indirect light. The sunglasses were a moot point. Not that I mind, I am a pale person prone to sunburn. And I also firmly believed, based on my extensive running outdoors, that the sunlight drains my energy.

Just because sunlight makes the world exist doesn't mean I need to soak it in myself. Sweet ironies of life.

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