Sunday, July 22, 2007

love and loss

Finished it! Loved it! I laughed, I cried (about once every third chapter), I was enthralled.

But now there is such a sense of loss. I mean, it is all over now isn't it? Seventh and final book. Story arc has come to an end.

Whenever I do this, read a book so quickly because it is so good I just can't put it down, I always ask myself once it is done, "Why didn't I read it slower? Savor it?"

To no avail. When I a story it I immerse myself in it. Something like this of course is a bit special, because I was terrified of spoilers. For frickity sake I work in children's book publishing. Multiply usual spoiler issues by fifty.

So after the joy of the story comes the mourning that it is over.

Now what do I do? Cleaning my apartment seems so mundane after living the last 24 or so hours in Potter world. *Sigh*

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