Monday, July 09, 2007

adventures in movie going

The last holiday week was just jam-packed with cinema. One of the handy-dandy things about being single and childless is when I have time off I can indulge in all kinds of things I like. Such as MOVIES.

Last weekend, bought Sean of the Dead. Watched it about ten times. Briliant. Of course.

On July 4th saw Ratatouille with Spaghetti. Pixar did a great job again. Not my favorite of theirs but well worth viewing. The computer animation just gets better and better.

Then I made a little trip to Virgin Records in Times Square - since it is so far away from me (note two blocks) - and bought two mega faves. Fight Club and Bring It On. Because everyone buys those two movies at once.

Finally, yesterday I say Transformers with Thighs. Dude. It was awesome. No, I never watched the cartoon. Didn't matter. I found myself in one of various "oh my god" positions many times. As in a kick ass scene happens and your jaw drops...but the intensity isn't over so it stays open. And then five minutes later you realize the mouth should be closed. Two and a half hours should be too long for an action flick. But it wasn't.

Just to round the holiday week out, I looked over my blogs from two years ago. Here I am feeling stagnant in my life and I had accomplished HALF of the major goals I had laid out. Why is it so easy to forget the wins and remember the losses?

Interesting what order I listed them in and what order they were accomplished in though. Kind of makes one wonder - what do you think you want and what do you really need?

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