Sunday, July 29, 2007

stupid sephora

Sephora got me sick. Or at least playing with all the pretty pretty makeup did.

I actually had to leave work early Thursday because of it. Do you know what it takes for me to leave work early? Near death.

Or extreme nausea.

Thursday I woke up with a killer cold, but that I can power thru with a little medication. But around 10:15, in the middle of a meeting, it started to hit.

You know that nausea where you feel the gurgle and then you break out into a cold sweat? Oh yeah. Luckily I didn't have too much to add in this gathering so I was able to practice deep breaths and concentration to keep myself in check.

Next meeting I had to run, so I found my sweet relief with some sprite. Sprite, the nectar of gods to anti-blowing chunks.

Unfortunately the nectar's abilities were short lived. Around noon I was under my desk hoping that a quick lay down would calm down the rumblings.

Not so much.

So I had to bail. Get myself home to the sanctity of my apartment to avoid any public, er, eruptions.

Two and a half days of drugs and sleep later I feel back up to par. But now I'm worried about my half marathon this week. I was really stressed and busy last week so didn't run at all, which is bad-bad-bad. Not running for a whole week worries me. Can I even do the damn thing?

Seriously, I'm considering not doing it if the temperature is going to be above 80. Because why put myself through that? I don't have anything to prove. And the not running for a week thing really worries me too.

We'll see. Decisions decisions.

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