Tuesday, February 08, 2005

one small step for man...

Tonight I am off to train some more for the marathon. I am using the Four Months to a Four Hour Marathon regimen. This book is a little more adventurous than my previous training guide, The Runner's Handbook.

Tonight is speed training. This consists of me running six sets of .25 mile in two minutes. You know what? That is pretty damn fast. Pretty much too damn fast for me, actually.

Last week I tried to run as instructed, and was barely able to prevent myself from being projectile thrown across the room. It is mighty hard to maintain any form of decorum when you are trying to turn down the speed of a treadmill in an effort to save your life. Great way to get the adrenaline flowing, though. And to get the attention of every person in the gym, let me tell you!

My long runs are scheduled for Saturdays. This past weekend I ran five miles. It took me just shy of an hour, but I am really proud of myself! I sat down and tried to think of the last time I had run that kind of distance, and I don't know if I ever have.

Do not misunderstand me; I am in no means the best shape of my life. I was a sporty and independent kid, and would bike miles to go play a softball game somewhere. Who needs mom and dad to drive you when you've got a twelve speed to get around?

It is such a tragedy that we live in such an obese country. I can't help but feel sorry for seriously overweight people when I see them struggling do regular everyday things, like getting up the subway stairs. They are missing out on all the joys and benefits of an active life. I mean the endorphins alone are worth it!

I have been in training for three weeks and feel stronger, thinner, and more confident than I have in a couple of years. I'm on top of the world!!

By the way, do me a favor and remind me of this blog next time I get lazy and put off the gym...

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Anonymous said...

Rock Star is a ROCKSTAR! How awesome that you are following the plan and doing it all! A five mile run is a fantastic accomplishment! I'm using that plan too and I'm on week 6 because I'm training for the Vancouver marathon on May 1st. Are you working toward a marathon in 4 months, or are you just testing the waters?

Keep it up! I agree with your ideas about how sad it is that so many people are unable to enjoy a physical life due to obesity! It's awful!