Tuesday, February 08, 2005

too rich or too thin

I just saw the new Gwen Stephani/Eve video, "Rich Girl".

Has Gwen gotten even thinner????? She was skinny before, but looked healthy. Suddenly she looks like a twig just about to snap. What ever happened to getting married and putting on a few pounds? What happened to the Gwen workout? What happened to "I've had it up to here?" tough chick?

I saw her two years ago in concert with No Doubt, the day after they won their first grammy. They, and she, were terrific. She had such energy, so much vitality. It is so tragic to see her look so unhealthy.

You know, maybe if I got her to train for the marathon with me the endorphins will help her get over whatever it is that made her so thin! Heck, at the rate she is at I could carry her half the way if she got tired. Or even better, whenever she gets tired we snag a new fan to give her a piggy back ride. Silly Oprah and PDiddy, they wasted their valuable fan resources.

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