Tuesday, February 15, 2005

pre-emptive strike

Because I'm a paranoid motherf***er, I decided to get all worries of a surprise party out of the way. I decided to throw myself a party! A nice belated housewarming slash I'm slowly losing the elasticity of my skin bash. Anyone who says I have control issues is surely - correct. :)

Now that I've taken charge of the situation, I'm really looking forward to my birthday. At a minimum I will have twenty people squished into my cozy little one bedroom apartment, it should be nice. If fifty show up I may have to worry. Or just do more shots, which will dispel all concerns. I should have at least two guests who have seen me naked at some point, and if I’m lucky maybe I’ll find a third for later in the evening.

I have three hopes for the evening. 1) My downstairs neighbor has plans for the evening and is not home. 2) I don't drink too much as to induce vomiting or memory loss 3) none of the guests puke anywhere but appropriate receptacles, if at all.

I have invited the failed fix up boy as well - and really hope he comes. I found out that his friendship with the one of the girls who tried to arrange the whole thing has become rather distanced since the affair. This is tragic, as he's a fun guy and I hold no ill will. If all goes well we can pave over the negative and get back to normal fun-ness. I also have completely forgiven the fix up friends, they could not foresee what would happen and truly just wanted to bring happiness to us both.

I'm also really looking forward to the day after my birthday. One of my oldest, closest friends, Connecticut Jen, is coming down to visit. She is one of the very few people on this planet who really "gets" me, and there is no better way to celebrate making it through another 365 days of life than spending time with someone like that. Really, how many people do you get to spend times with who ever really know you? As much as anyone can, of course.

Hooray for ageing!!

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