Friday, February 25, 2005

judy garland wanna be

In an effort to stay awake last night for Spamalot but yet be able to sleep later on, I decided to mix uppers with downers.

Granted, the ghetto version.

Sugar free red bull and pamprin cramp medication. Not impressive versions of actual drugs, but have worked individually to serve their purposes in the past.

The quality of sleep achieved on this mix is sub-par, and is causing mass crankiness today. Trying to remedy the fact by mixing two favorite substances. Chocolate and caffeine in form of hot cocoa in my coffee. My next favorite substance (alcohol) is not on the agenda next, as may exacerbate the current problem in the afternoon.

Spamalot was excellent, by the way, highly recommended if you like off the wall dry humor. Curious to see how it flies on Broadway, considering the success of suburbia fueled shows like Mamma Mia and Movin' Out.

I wonder if Judy always felt this way, or if the designer versions of the drugs take the edge off. Thank god I don't know anyone with access to the real thing.

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