Sunday, February 06, 2005


I have a new mad obsession. A song by Straylight Run, existentialism on prom night. There is something so haunting and captivating about this tune that absolutely rivets me.

I am frustrated, however. I cannot purchase this song or album online. Not on itunes, cdnow, nothing. What is up with that in today's day and age? This song is getting relatively good airplay, who makes the decision not to put it online? I have not purchased a real live physical cd in almost two years. I have an imac hooked up to a good sound system, thus my music library is 100% virtual. Well, at least as much as I have imported from my cd collection. Too bad I can't import my cassettes.

I was never really a napster person, so this is all purchased music. I am heartily in love with being able to buy any song on a whim instantly. Thus my frustration with this tune. I have had to resort to the link used above, which is far inferior to downloading. The artists get no royalties, I cannot make it portable and thus introduce it to more people, and even more importantly, I cannot listen on automatic repeat and have to actually click a button to replay. Carpal tunnel via music madness.

I also have a very hard time justifying to myself spending $16 or more on a cd when the virtual one is only $10. Really, what good is that little piece of plastic that I have to pay the extra six bucks? (Assuming we all backup our music somewhere.)

Ah well, spoiled by the digital age.

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