Thursday, February 17, 2005

t-minus 19 hours

What I did today to prepare for my party tomorrow:

Buy a five-piece kitchen table set from Kmart. Deal with deliverymen realizing one chair was broken. Realizing there are reasons why you should not buy furniture from Kmart. Assembled said set and put in place.

Cleared out the empty boxes left over from moving that have been sitting in my kitchen from the six months ago I moved in.

Ordered copious amounts of beer and wine from Thank god for delivery folk carrying liquids up five flights of stairs for me.

Called Mr. Higher Ed to invite him to the party. Had brief discussion, I am not a phone person, managed to get through somehow.

Last minute items to attend to tomorrow:

Pick up laundry so as to have clean underwear, as may be lucky enough to have it seen by someone.

Go to gym to flatten stomach appropriately for same above reason.

Buy last minute party essentials - snacks, plastic cups, and most importantly, toilet paper.

Get my groove on. Awwwww yeah.

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