Thursday, February 24, 2005

oh my goodness!

There is so much going on today, I will have to blog in bullets:

- Going to see Spamalot tonight on Broadway. Super stoked to see Hank Azaria, David Hyde Pierce and Tim Curry live onstage doing Monty Python. Happy New Yorker, I am...

- Got notice of the new updated ipod mini...AND FINALLY BOUGHT ONE. That's right, rockstar has been drooling over ipods since they first came out years ago, but has been financially unable. Was considering the ishuffle, but the 18 hour battery in a pink mini was too hard to resist. Note my engraving in the picture below. *sigh*

- Have not heard back from minute man, but actually am feeling relieved. Will go with that instinct and not call him.

- Received many comments from Seattle Girl today. Miss her and love her, good people, good times!

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