Sunday, February 27, 2005


How do you go to sleep after watching the Oscars? Lordy, the drama, the excitement, the buildup, the letdown, the winners.

I cried for Jamie Foxx when he talked about his grandmother. I laughed when Chris Rock stood in for Katherine Zeta Jones. I winced when Beyonce sang not just one or two, but three of the Oscar nominated songs. I cheered when Sideways actually got to win an Oscar.

I felt bad that so many award winners thanked Marty Scorcese for Aviator, but yet I always really believed that Clint Eastwood deserved the Oscar. I was pleasantly surprised that Hilary Swank won her second. I was overwhelmed with joy to see Charlie Kaufman receive an award, as I feel he is truly inspired and a film revolutionary of our age.

Many people love to watch these award shows to experience glamor, have a taste of fame. I dream of someday being able to make an influence on many lives. To make a difference. I continue to look for my swan song.

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McGee said...

Wow, you definately have a different take on it then I do.
I see it as a big show which winners are pre-arranged and probably monitarily influenced.
As far as a judge of film quality and talented acting I'd much prefer the sundance and other such kinds of film festivals.
But that's just me...