Saturday, March 05, 2005

adventures on saturdays

Today is going to be a good day. Or at the very least, an interesting one.

I am supposed to run my nine miles today. This will be officially the longest distance I will have ever run (until next week - 11 miles, oye vay.), and am gearing up mentally for this.

The best way to cognitively prepare one's self for such an achievement is to - oh - not think about it. I have a distraction, so we are good here.

Tonight I will be attending the birthday party for two of my closest friends (my closest nyc friend and last roommate) at an UWS bar, The Parlour. This event is bound to be full of the best kind of people, and it turns out potentially a little bit of a good story. I was informed last night that a certain guest has been invited that will be of some interest.

It seems that while friend was out on a date last night, she ran into this mutual acquaintance of ours. A fellow that she, myself, and two of my other good friends all made out with on one drunken evening, and despite a couple of the girls trading phone numbers, we have not heard from him since. That is, until the coincidental run-in last night. Of course, she invited him to tonight's shindig. For the fun.

I have to admit, looking back on the evening I have a very very slight twitch of discomfort. Simply because somewhere deep down there had seemed to surface a competitive underplay between my friends to acquire the attentions of said gentleman. My last roommate wanted his attentions but did not have the audacity to mack on him, and towards the end of the evening caused quite a scene. The culmination of said undertone, really. Since then I have vowed to myself not to get myself into such a situation again. A couple of minutes of fooling around is not worth any strangeness between pals.

There is about a fifty-fifty chance libation guy won't show, and for the comfort of the birthday girls I kind of hope he doesn't. If he does, I will of course be my friendly self and entertain him if he is left alone, but no making out with him will occur this evening. Maybe with another random stranger, but not him...

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Anonymous said...

HELLO?! Can you spell cliff-hanger?! What happened? Were your lips sealed as you proposed......why are they NOW? Tell all!