Friday, March 04, 2005


Earlier today I was discussing my current running obsession with a friend. I was explaining to him of my goal to run the NYC marathon, and how I have already run my first race.

He said to me that he was surprised, because he did not quite see me as a runner. I asked why.

He then reminded me of a little story I had forgotten about.

We both play softball for the company team, which is actually how we originally met each other four years ago. Well, those several years ago I was quite unfit and about thirty pounds heavier. I was a great batter, good fielder, but my base running left something to be desired.

Specifically we refer to the one time I hit a solid line drive to left field - and the LEFT FIELDER threw me out at FIRST BASE.

This event was embarrassing when it happened, and remains a point of shame in my portfolio. I believe in taking your faults in pride, and can laugh at myself. In fact, I poke fun at my self fairly often. When this one comes up, I actually wince a little.

It’s a good thing to keep my feet on the ground though. A little humility never hurt anyone. :)

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny, Bridget! I've seen that happen in my league too. Hey, it gives you a great jumping off point, doesn't it? And think of how speedy you're going to be this season!

It's so awesome that you are running so regularly and that you are enjoying it! Don't forget to treat yourself to a restorative Jamba Juice after your long runs!

I just did an 18 miler on Friday and was very mindful to go slowly. It really makes a difference in the enjoyment factor. You are teaching your body to go long! I still felt fairly crippled for the next two days, but I'm better now and ready for my speedwork today!