Monday, March 14, 2005

unlimited sick days

Thank god I have a salaried job. I was just reading up on abdominal adhesions, and I quote:

"Abdominal adhesions can be treated, but they can be a recurring problem. Because surgery is both the cause and the treatment, the problem can keep returning. For example, when surgery is done to remove an intestinal obstruction caused by adhesions, adhesions form again and create a new obstruction in 11 percent to 21 percent of cases."

Talk about a never-ending cycle. It is a very good thing my employers really like me a lot. Instead of just putting up with my bouts with illness wishing they could get rid of me, they pray for me to get better. A good position for me to be in.

Oh, and having health care is pretty nice too.

To ease my guilt of taking so much time off, I like to compare myself to mothers. I never have to come in late because the kids were behind; I never have to leave early for a parent teacher meeting; I never have to take a day off because the kids are sick. It is perfectly acceptable for any mother to take any amount of time off needed for their offspring. I would like to think that the time I take off to heal myself could be accepted in the same manner. I just happen to work very long hours when I am healthy, and then need to take longer periods of time off to recover from hospital visits.

I called out of work today (if you had not already guessed) because my abdomen is still sore. Stupid me bought the latest "Runner's World" magazine and am chomping at the bit to go work out, but must think healing first. If I am too sick to go to work I am too sick to play, that's what my mother taught me.

Guess I'll just have to watch the second season of Alias all over again. Poor me. ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm traumatized for you Bridget. I hate to hear that you were sick, you've been doing so well as of late. If attitude and sheer will would heal, you'd be the healthiest person I know. Keep you spirits up and take your time to get better.

your cousin said...

Bridget - Over my many years of dragging my sorry ass to work everyday, I have had the same thought about womyn with children. I deserve to take care of myself even if my workplace doesn't value my "Cathcare" responsibilities. Now, if I would only practice what I preach.
By the by, (you may not like this), I also have had this thought when comparing my lack of breaks at work to those of smokers...

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

you may like this - I quit smoking a year and a half ago. la la la. :)