Friday, March 11, 2005

geek love

Okay, you may have thought I geeked out a bit when I was in ecstasy over my ipod.

Or when I bookmarked Wil Wheaton.

Or when I decided I want to be Starbuck more than I want to be Sydney.

Or when I freaked out with joy over Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

But you ain't seen nuthin yet.

At least, until you see the preview for Sin City.




This cinematography and direction is BRILLIANT. This is the most beautiful conversion of a comic book to film EVER.

Yes, I really am a girl.


McGee said...

yes, I was informed last night that we WERE going to see Sin City in the theatre :)

McGee said...

did you really get your ipod engraved?

McGee said...

do you know that Starbuck was a boy in the original series? It broke my boy's heart to see starbuck as a girl, I don't know if he's over it yet...but I sure love her, never having seen the original series