Wednesday, March 09, 2005

middle management

Irony of life: I worked my butt off crunching numbers, programming reports, and analyzing miles and miles of data so that now I can point my finger and tell other people to do it. In effect, I am no longer supposed to utilize the very talent that got me here in the first place.

Work smarter, not harder, they say. We shall see if my talents reside in delegation as well.

On a funny note, I heard something yesterday on NPR that took a whole day to sink in and strike me.

Last week the city was supposed to do a count of homeless people - not the ones in shelters, the population actually sleeping on the streets. I remember hearing about it a week ago, and thought it was interesting because they were going to plant a couple of fakes just to see how efficient the counting process was.

So yesterday Morning Edition stated that the count had been postponed from last week to yesterday due to inclement weather.

If the point was to count people who are sleeping outdoors...wouldn't it be best to count in the worse conditions?

Um, yeah.

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