Friday, March 04, 2005


Someone needs to create odorless microwave popcorn so the people in my office don't want to kill me every time I pop myself a little snack.

Or I could come up with a patent and become a bagillionare!!!!


McGee said...

or you could eat a less 'odiferous' snack and save the popcorn for home ;)

Anonymous said...

You should try living out here in the enviornmentally advanced northwest where a fair amount of people use bio-diesel fuel in their cars. It's made from reprocessed fast food fry oil! When the cars roll by, they fill the air with the smell of popcorn or french fries!!!!!!!

Regarding the popcorn in the office, when I would pop some for myself, the worst part for me wasn't the complaints by co-workers, it was seeing the hunger in their eyes and battling the feeling of being so uninclined to SHARE! I wanted it all for me!

I say, pop your corn, tuck the warm bag under your shirt and run as fast as you can into your office and shut the door until it's all over but the flossin'!

Maybe you should buy a few extra boxes and sell the bags to interested parties for $1.00 a piece. You'll get your own bags paid for that way! And it's better than anything in that pirate of a vending machine!