Wednesday, March 16, 2005

paid programming

I have four wrinkles.

I have named them: Winkin, Blinkin, Nod, and OHMYGODIHAVEWRINKLESIAMGETTINGOLDIAMANCIENT!!!!!!!

I always seem to have a hard time getting to that last name; don't know why that could be....

I jest, getting older is not being dead and that is pretty cool. Inevitably in the aging process I'm going to wrinkle and get gray, sag and get rheumy. I'll just drink more so when I look in the mirror it's harder to tell because there will be two of me. My own personal soft lens. Kind of like when I used to watch Moonlighting, and the camera would show Bruce Willis in sharp focus, then turn to Cybil Shepard and she would kind of be glowy and fuzzy, then turn back to stark clear Bruce Willis again.

Seriously, I mourned getting old hardcore from the time I turned 29 until I reached 31. Then I just said “eh”. Can’t fight father time. Stopped caring so much. Really enjoy joking about it, though. Except when my sister mocks me, so quiet you McGee!

All the same, I went and bought an anti-winkle cream system from the TV. Really, is $30 too much to pay for a placebo that gives a little peace of mind? A little confidence boost shot in the arm?

Priceless, say I.

Anyhoo, happy pre-St. Paddy’s day! I'll be a good little leprechaun and bring home some good drunken stories tomorrow. With any luck, they will not involve bodily fluids. I do have to work Friday, after all.

Erin go braugh!!!

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