Friday, June 02, 2006


In a massive panic I ran around all afternoon getting all those last minute things in order before I headed out to Michigan. Run run run, hurry hurry hurry. I was late for my shuttle bus, traffic was awful, and I got to the airport...

My flight was cancelled.


First time for me. Guess I learned my lesson to check on my flight before leaving home. Three hours on a bus. Lugging my HUGE luggage (eight days back in hometown worth of clothes, do you UNDERSTAND how much I pack???) down and then up again five flights of stairs.

On the bright side, I have to admit I am relieved to be spending less time at my parents' house. There is nothing comforting of happy for me in being there. Literally I swear my parents are my kryptonite, the cutting shears to my Samson hair. Now I need only spend one day alone with their company.

So the irony is that that entire running around was really fruitful. I went shopping. Yes, me. By choice. And boy, did I make out! A pair of pants, a skirt, five shirts and a pair of shoes all for under $150. Best part, they are all a size smaller than the last time I went shopping (except for the shoes of course) and in them I look HOTTT. Okay, maybe I look good. But it is still fun.

Today was also my first experience with the eyebrow threading. I have never had my eyebrows professionally done before, so I was a bit nervous. This is what my eyebrows looked like when I would tweeze them:

No, I did not take a picture of the grow-out phase. I need not share the horrific hairy caterpillars with the world.

When I arrived at the salon, they had lost my reservation. They were kind enough to squeeze me in anyway. I met Rasman, and let her know I was an eyebrow virgin. She nodded, just asked me how I managed my brows before. Tweeze, tweeze, tweeze. Then she started.

Wow, that hurts. It was really interesting; I don't know quite how it works. Seemingly they take two threads side by side and pull them taught. An awful lot of hair was pulled out of me. The results:

Damn skippy that is a good result! Especially if you compare old to new. I was always proud of my artwork. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

If you are REALLY observant, you may notice the difference of hair color in the pics. Hmmmm.

(p.s. Six Dollars. SIX DOLLARS. Best beauty value ever? Hells yes.)

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