Saturday, June 17, 2006

decisions, decisions

How time marches on. My sweet iMac, a spry sixty-four months old dalmation is feeling its age.

I have held out as long as I could, but now I am at the point where I cannot run more than two applications at once. My sweet memory, where have you gone?

As of course I am the ultimate Apple loyal customer and fanatic, I am going to get a Mac. The question is, do I go for an iMac or a MacBook?

Prices are comparable, so cost is not an issue.

The iMac has twice as much memory as the MacBook, but of course the MacBook has the portability advantage.

For grad school I will need to have a portable. (Yes I still plan on going I just have to actually apply and get in. Minor details).

If I was to get the iMac I could use it as a replacement for my TV. The world's oldest TV, with a pull button turn on and twist for volume control. Remote control volume? What is that? But if I was to get the iMac and use it for this function shouldn't I definitely go for the 20-inch option?

Literally every day I change my mind on what I want to get. Portable people, how much do you really carry the thing around? Really how often do you walk that thing out of your home? And you home desktop people, do you ever wish you could take it with you? I want to hear what you my peers have to say on these things, what do you love and hate about your computers? I will take comments from PC people, although I feel a deep sense of pity for your Apple-less ness.

Oh, iMac or MacBook, who will be the winner?


Sam said...

Well if you are planning to go to grad school then def. the Macbook. If that is not going to happen soon then, honestly, you won't cart it around much. I love my Powerbook but I can count the number of times I have brought it out of the house for a serious purpose.

1 thing to consider is the fact that the portables get incredibly hot, as in your legs will burn if you use it in bed without a pillow. I believe that there is a firmware update that fixes this to some degree, the tradeoff being that the machine is a little louder. I guess the consideration is how much you are planning to tax your MBP. If you are planning to use it in spurts then it won't matter much.

My vote is always a portable.

Heather said...

Definitely go with the book. Then you can take it outside on a nice day to Bryant Park, with Wi-Fi access. Or your local Starbucks. Or Philadelphia.

I have no space, so would never go back to a desktop. But if you ever wanted to, say, take your book, with your iTunes library, etc., home to MI for the holidays, then you can. Get the book.

michael said...

iMac silly goose.

Darius said...

Macbook...portability is best in this day and age...

Erica said...

MacBook, MacBook, MacBook...I've been researching these because I'm planning on getting one (and then writing it off on my taxes as a business expense) and really, if you're planning on going to grad school, then portable's your best bet. The newer model isn't as heavy as some older laptops. Ron and I just bought him an HP laptop this weekend after he fried the computer, and he's so much better off. He took it with him up to Rockland, got some work done while chatting with his grandfather and watching the game, and we actually got to spend some time together last night instead of him being locked in the office. Definitely, go portable.

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

Wow, that was a landslide! Now I just have to get up the gumption to part with two grand. *gulp*