Monday, June 05, 2006

bachelorette party

Armed with disposable digital cameras with review and delete capacity, (believe it or not cheaper than Polaroid film!!) I sent two teams, one with six women one with five, out on the Novi Marketplace chock full of bars with this agenda:

Katie's Big Night Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt


  • No proof no points!!!

  • Each team member must bring in at least five points

  • Teams can split up, but stay in the same bar

  • No recruiting non-bachelorette party members for collections

  • Definition of body shot is to lick salt off neck or chest, take shot from chest (if from man lap), eat lime from mouth

  • Can tell people cause for collections

  • Points/Item

    1 / One Alcoholic drink consumed by a party member
    5 / Collection of ten coasters
    5 / Alcoholic shot consumed by a party member (not including body shots)
    10 / Picture of a stranger spanking a party member
    10 / Collection of phone number (keep in mind we will call to verify later)
    10 / Unused condom
    20 / Picture of team member mooning camera
    25 / Get a stranger to do a body shot off of a member
    25 / Picture of a party member spanking a stranger
    25 / Picture of team member in men's room
    25 / Picture of team member dancing on bar or table
    30 / Do a body shot off of a stranger
    30 / Special note from stranger on party member's butt
    50 / Picture of entire team in men's room
    50 / Picture of team member with a stranger sporting a mullet
    50 / Lock of chest hair
    50 / Picture of a couple making out (tongue must be involved)
    50 / Picture of a stranger demonstrating 'old school' dance
    75 / Picture with another bachelorette on her big night
    75 / Picture of team member sitting on stranger's lap serenading him/her
    100 / Picture of a person throwing up
    100 / Picture with a uniformed official
    150 / Piece of underwear given by a stranger (previously being worn by them)
    200 / Getting thrown out of a bar
    200 / Picture of the whole team mooning camera
    TBD / Bar 'souvenirs'

    See, I thought the groups would run from bar to bar, but it seems The Post in Novi was more than large enough and populated enough to accommodate the entire hour and a half hunt.

    Both teams performed impressively. The only items that were not hit were 1) bar souvenirs 2) getting thrown out of the bar 3) picture of someone throwing up and 4) picture of team member with a stranger sporting a mullet. Many items were hit several times. For gods' sake we collected three pair of men's underwear between the all of us.

    After the game ended one girl in the party did throw up - so much so she was carried back to the hotel. Mental note, don't give extra points for doing shots, seems people drink them instead of beers.

    Even though I was responsible for the party, I have to say it went amazingly well. There was full group participation. No one felt left out, everyone contributed. There was much laughter and social interaction. Katie was not excessively made to stand out or be embarrassed, and those who like that kind of thing could act out as much as they liked. We got to dance, we got to drink. And at least five people, if not more were hung over the next day. Good party!!

    Also funny and totally out of the blue, I got offered a job. In Michigan if I should ever choose to come back. There was a bachelor party at the bar (responsible for the gathering of quite a few points) and I spent some time talking to the groom's father. Who it happens own his own company, something to do with convention services. So if I ever feel the call of Detroit...

    Best part of this all? Photographic proof baby. Gotta drop off the cameras to get me some pics. Bwa ha ha.


    Erica said...

    Boy, that underwear thing sounds seriously have a second career in party-planning should you choose! :)

    michael said...

    personally, the note on the butt is under valued.... and there should be extra points for ball point notes...that hurts.

    Other than that...inspiring.