Friday, June 30, 2006

teacher's pet

Remember in junior high when the teacher would leave the room and assign one person to be in charge?

Yeah, that was me. I was the kid that always raised her hand with the answer, who did her homework on time, who didn't ever get in trouble.

Kids mocked me so much; I was definitely teased for being the teacher's pet. Which always confused me. It isn't like I was trying to outshine anyone, I just knew the answers, had parents to monitored my homework completion, and had a fear of confrontation and getting in trouble. It always struck me as strange that I was getting in hot water for just being myself.

As many people are, I was insecure and had lowered self-esteem for my late teens and early twenties. Also I was very lost as far as finding a vocation went. I tried my hand at many career paths. Over time I discovered was that even though many of those vocations were not for me, I could have gone on to succeed in them for many years. Eventually after doing well at so many jobs I gained a confidence that I would succeed - heck kick ass at - just about any profession at which I tried my hat.

Think about it. In college you are not so much taught actual information as how to gauge the professor to spit the facts out in the way he or she deems appropriate. You learn how to navigate social strata and red tape. You learn that hard work only is rewarded when it is noticed, and that if you raise your hand at just the right times or can influence when you are called upon you will always be in the top echelon.

So throughout my many jobs I have learned to work hard and sing my own praises. I have learned not to ask for rewards but ask for attention and solutions. I am a go to girl, and a pleasant and socially adept one at that.

At the little junket I just went on I was getting a lot of praise and regards for my work from the higher ups. All the top executives of my company made a point to let me know how well I am doing and how important my work is. There was even a hug or two involved. Honestly it was very flattering, and I could feel my head swelling a bit. But it didn't stay that way for long, because I know a secret.

I'm not doing well for my company, and really I'm not doing well for my boss. I am doing well because I know the answers, I carefully monitor my homework, and I'm afraid of confrontation and getting in trouble. I am a professional teacher’s pet.

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