Monday, June 26, 2006


It has been done! I am the proud new owner of a MacBook, in white. Making the final color decision was a tough one, the black was matte and the white shiny, so both would show grime of some sort.

The clincher was the glowing apple. White glows, black doesn't. I love the shining beacon of my apple love.

Unfortunately the joy of my new baby has not settled in. Because I have not finished setting it up. There are widgets to download, photos to upload, cables to buy to make my speaker system wireless, customization to be done. Seriously I considered calling out of work today so I could stay home and put everything in order. Today I am twitchy in anticipation, completely uncomfortable knowing my computer sits alone at home unpersonalized.

Seems my type A side is getting stronger as I get older. Drat.

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