Monday, June 19, 2006


Six months into working at Tuscan the celebrities were still coming in. You all know abut my really big celebrity thing. This story I don't tell as often. Probably because it is shorter and I prefer to talk for a while if I have an audience.

As servers are known to do, when I had down time I would stroll up to the host desk and check things out. Sometimes to socialize, most of the time to get a sense of when the night would wind down.

To access the host desk you could not walk directly to it from the floor. You had to walk around a wall of banquettes, underneath a walking bridge to the upstairs bar. There was an opening, like a service bar that you could lean over or on and chat for a spell. Small but functional.

Anyhoo, as this was a swank place sometimes there were LARGE floral arrangements around. At the time that my story took place there was a big fern/pine tree/green leafy concoction in the host window.

It was late at night on a school night; I had worked the day job and it was coming to the end of the night at the second job. Five coffees coursed through my veins, keeping me slaphappy. So for a laugh I lean my head into the host window, and the leafy green thing covers my noggin giving me a fun green floppy wig.

I go with it. I start hamming it up, acting silly saying "Look at me, green hair! La la la! What pretty hair, it is such a pretty color!"

The hosts are laughing, I keep going, and then I notice that a customer picking up his coat from the coat check has also noticed my act. We lock eyes, and he is laughing. Oh crap, he is hot. And I totally know who he is.

Tom Everett Scott, from An American Werewolf in Paris. And did I mention that he was TOTALLY hot?

All I could do was emit a quiet "Heh, hi", nod my head, and hightail it outta there. Boy was I embarrassed.

Yes, you heard my right, I was embarrassed. This totally hot actor caught me acting like a fool, and I didn't even have the grace to go with it. ARGH!

Out of curiosity I have been checking him out on his new TBS TV show, Saved. I have to say, I am really enjoying it. This show is pretty darn good! Good enough for me to tape and watch a second time immediately after it finishes. Just like Grey’s Anatomy.

Yep, I’m totally hooked. Not that I am a little prejudiced or anything, having a mad crush on the lead actor. What can you do? His being responsible for one of the very few embarrassing moments of my life creates a bond not easily broken. Kismet people, kismet.

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