Friday, June 23, 2006

low expectations

At some point I read that Running Scared was worth seeing because of the ending. Of this I was very doubtful, from the previews it looked like just another mob/bad guy movie. Boring

Let me tell you, this is a prime example of when previews TOTALLY give you a misperception of the movie. It was a brilliant look into the dark underside of human nature, and elegantly portrays the beauty that still can be found within. Really, this movie was gorgeous.

And here I just rented it to catch a glimpse of Paul Walker's abs. Not that I was disappointed in that. It is just that the movie was so good I almost forgot to notice. How good it was definitely was heightened by how atrocious I expected it to be, so sadly you all may not have the same reaction when you view it.

The ending is kick ass though. Just sayin.

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