Wednesday, June 28, 2006

when it rains it pours

Out of nowhere I have been getting winks and emails from Lots of em. One has to wonder if I was profiled or sent out in an email or something. Whatever it is, I am talking like ten winks and four emails. That is fourteen people reaching out to me, as compared to maybe one a month for as long as I can remember.

As these things go, the majority are tossed aside right away. Rule of thumb - just because they are interested in you does not mean that you are interested in them.

For a while it looked like I had a pretty good lead. Another hells kitchen resident and I were emailing back and forth, fun and easy. His profile looked fine. Funny guy, talked about his perfect first date and how it involved flying to Vegas, playing tables all night followed by several hours of sensual lovemaking (not all at once), and then flying home to collapse from exhaustion for at least three days. Cute, funny, creative. Divorced, but as I have only heard warnings about dating divorced people I was willing to test this first hand.

Our email exchange started off well enough. He sent me something at 5:30 am, and in response I wanted to know why in gods name he would be up that early. Luckily he was just getting in from a night playing poker with friends/business associates.

That's nice, he has friends and does things with them. Good sign.

The emails continued at which point we started to discuss our plans for the weekend. I mentioned that I had a bar night planned and a race coming up, then asked what he was up to.

Well, he had been trying to get some friends to rally and go to AC for the weekend.

Hmmmm... What kind of person goes to AC for the weekend? A familiarity with AC, all night playing poker...crap that perfect first date wasn't a joke, it was for real! Super gambling man, SO not my cup of tea. Kicked to the curb baby.

There are some more boys with potential to come. I have a date with trivia boy set up for next Wednesday. Also I am mid-email conversation with brain guy, and honestly it has been the easiest flowing conversation via match so far. We will see if an actual meeting comes to fruition past the initial niceties.

Looks like the year of dating is in high gear!


ctina said...

What kind of person goes to A/C for the weekend?

Um... me?

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

oh snap - you went for the taffy and the beach and an experience. i guess i should specify that i got the feeling it had more to do with frequent visits to the tables..