Monday, June 19, 2006

evil diet

A few weeks ago I picked up The Fat Smash Diet because it came up on a bestseller list, and after some research online I was intrigued. I always have liked diets that don’t use math. Just eat unlimited of x, y, and z, that’s what I like.

So I started this thing last Wednesday. It consists of four phases, and I have coined the first one the almost vegan phase. You can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want, excluding potatoes and avocadoes. You can have up to two cups of brown rice, 3 tblsp low fat salad dressing, one cup oatmeal, 4 egg whites, and/or two 6oz servings of low fat yogurt a day. No meat, no bread, no white rice, no cheese, and no nuts. For protein you can have beans, lentils, and tofu.

Really I like my fruits and veggies, so I figured I could handle it for nine days. Or so I thought.

Seems the diet really works. Too well. It went and hurt my stomach so I have not been able to eat all day today. My tummy is rebelling. Fiber is good for some people, seems not to be the case for me.

All day my guts have been sore. Obviously I’m going to have go back to regular calorie/points counting. Really I am hoping I don’t have to go on a liquid fast, my training is gearing up as the official marathon training steadily approaches.

So the fat smash? Great if you don’t care about regular intestinal function. Roight.

The fun question is – do I wait for the digestion pains to subside, or train through it? Is exercise better for my innards? I suppose it is better to test it out now, that way if I put myself out of commission for a couple of days I won’t lose ground, as opposed to losing marathon training time.

For the sake of experimentation and getting the worst out of the way, I’ll hit the gym tonight for a light run. Soon the truth will be known whether or not exercise aids in bodily functionalities other than the cardiovascular.

Just consider me your personal guinea pig.

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shirley said...

Tee hee! The name makes me picture that game where you bang down groundhogs as they pop up. Fat Smash!