Wednesday, May 31, 2006

won't you be my neighbor?

Seems the apartment across from me is open. A decent sized one-bedroom place on the fifth floor of a walk up, all for a measley $1500 a month.

*non-new yorkers take your time to recover from Manhattan sticker shock*

Anyone looking? How cool would that be if a friend of mine was across the hall?


KristieSue said...

LOL I just ran across this and it's so funny. I live in Missouri in a little town and was just talking to my Father in Law the other day about rent prices going up. LOL he rents some houses out and I seen ad's for one bedrooms for $225 a month and thought that was pretty high lol considering he'd been renting out three bedrooms for $300. We're a long way from New York :D

ctina said...

yes. it's just hilarious. :| thanks anyway!