Friday, May 19, 2006

no idea

From my Word Origin Calendar, this one is sooooo off the wall I just had to share.

  • Dutch hunters originated the practice of using cages hung over water to attract and trap wild waterfowl. The Dutch words for "the cage" are de kooi, which drifted into English in the 1600s as a single word. Eventually, the usage shifted to refer to a more generalized practice of luring game.

  • Huh.

    Oh, and btw, according to the AP American corporate workers spend an average 25% of their work day on the internet. The UK lady quoting this to me seemed shocked, but me....not so much. ;)


    michael said...

    word on the street is that you are becoming a nun for me and ali, that's so sweet.

    Anele said...

    Weeeee, internet during the work day! But only 25% of the day? Now, I AM shocked! I thought it was like 75% of the work day! (should I be ashamed? lol)

    Bridget Rockstar!! said...

    You know, my dad REALLY wanted me to be a nun. I remember all the talks,

    "Bridget, those nuns just have so much fun! They play cards and laugh so much in the convent!"

    Oh, my father's poor shattered dreams...

    And Anele, if they didn't block personal emails at most corporations these days we probably would all be at 75%!! ;)