Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I am smack dab in the middle of this corporate forum. All they have us do is brainstorm, then filter down, then brainstorm, then filter down....ALL DAY LONG.

When we are not ruthlessly running our brains, we are networking with each other. Seems there are about 100 of us from all over the world, and even though our groups don't work together we need greater connectivity. My boss thinks this thing is exciting and great, I actually dream of going back to work. There you get occasional moments of simple thought.

At least I am getting free meals and booze out of this. That is something. Yay company sponsored alcohol!!


Michael said...

I came up with this little story, as I often do, and ali suggested I share it with you. Ali was talking about how she works with books and hates it cause it destroys woodlands. I told her this...

Perhaps you were meant to be in this job. Perhaps, one day, they will come to you and ask "Alison, we need your spreadsheets to figure out if paper books are more profitable than digit..."

She interupts. "Wait they would ask Bridget for that."


They'll ask Bridget, "You must give us the proof to stop paper books." And RockStar will, with Ali as here trusty sidekick. Until, the evil paper book aliance would kidnap Ali (as they do to sidekicks) and demand her spreadsheets. And they will say "Now you must choose Rockstar, your precious spreadsheets or your precious Jewish Sidekick. Tick took RockStar, tick tock.

This is what occupies my mind.

Bridget Rockstar!! said...

To continue the story, I would invite them out to a bar for negotiations, get them dead drunk and let them succumb to beer tears. Then, awash in remorse and overwhelmed by our new deeply forged bonds over jagermeister, they would release Ali Girl and turn themselves in.

Oh, the RockStar superpowers of camaraderie and alcohol...