Tuesday, May 30, 2006

i hate mondays

I know today is Tuesday. I hate it anyway.

My new hire that was supposed to start today sent an email to my HR person yesterday saying he found another job. I of course found out after I had come in and went through a minor stress moment getting his workspace in order. Now I have another month until I get some relief, and that month is if I am lucky and agressive in my interviewing.

Worse, I found out someone I adore from work passed away over the weekend. He was diagnosed with cancer last year, and had gotten better. Now he is gone. I don't know the details yet, but I am guessing that if it wasn't cancer itself it was complications due to the chemo. For those ex-penguins, he was in Academic Marketing and his initials were DL. Truly this place won't be the same without him. Heartbroken, truely.

Today SUCKS. Thank god I'm out on vacation next week. I've never been this excited to head back to Michigan...

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Ali Girl said...

It is really sad. He was such nice guy. He will be missed. He once told me that we should put Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover of all the classics and then sales would sky rocket. Ahh, memories.