Tuesday, May 23, 2006


In my life I have been on many road trips, and there is one thing I know for true - the majority of these united states are covered with country music. As much money and fanfare that is made around hip hop and/or pop culture, when you are in a car driving, 95% of the time you will only find good ole' american grand ole oprey.

Tonight I was watching the Country Music Awards for a spell. I caught the Brooks & Dunn song "Believe". It was pretty moving. Not so much because the concept of faith in the afterlife is so meaningful to me, but for whatever reason in watching them perform I could envision Everyman USA and his simple faith in heaven.

Immediately I was put in a place sitting next to a cowboy - somewhere but really in the middle of nowhere - noting that deep look of faith in his eyes, like he held a secure inner peace drawing from his confident knowledge. In my mind he nodded at me accepting my lack of faith, and I nodded back accepting his abundance of it. It felt safe and warm.

A song that can bring on a whole daydream like that is quite something. Hells bells, I even got goose bumps.

This nation was founded on religion, the driving need for people to follow their faith. I can see how such a truly american art form as country music could be the best way to communicate just that. Boy these guys nailed it. Heck, I may even buy my parents the CD.

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ctina said...

wow i had practically the same experience last night watching "walk the line" for the first time. i just put johnny cash records on my wish list