Wednesday, August 30, 2006

something new

You all are about to be very proud of me.


I went on a date tonight. Yep, I met someone on match, we emailed, and I actually showed up. We shall call this gentleman the artist. Because he is one. By night at least. By day he is a corporate super hero.

My secret to following through on the date was pure denial. Every time I though about meeting this guy I just changed the channel. Also as a switch I told nobody I was going. I had a dual bday party to attend later, so I just would think about that instead.

We had arranged to meet for drinks, coffee specifically. He said to meet at the NW corner of 5th ave and 60th street. Of course there are no coffee houses or bars nearby. He had flowers ready for me, as well as a backpack and a full plastic bag in tow. (At this point I realized I was going to be late for the bday gig!)

We walked into the park for a bit to a nice predesignated point, then he rolled out a blanket, a cd player with jazz music, a candle, incense, wine in vitamin water bottles, and makings for sandwiches.

A whole picnic! So sweet. Really, not in an over the top way. This was a genuinely creative effort that took time and planning on his part, which totally gets points! I mean, this guy lives and works in queens so he lugged ALL of this stuff out just for me. Who does that? Guys I like, that's who!

The conversation flowed smoothly; there were hardly any rough spots. And there was laughter. That is important.

Oh, and he is totally cute. Very key. I am definitely attracted to him.

We sat in the park and talked until after the lights came on, and eventually had to leave when the mosquitoes got ravenous. At this point we packed up and started to head out of the park.

Then he had to excuse himself to go throw up.

Seems the guy has been sick for a couple of days, but didn't want to cancel the date and toughed it out. Now he is horrified that on a first date he puked in central park. I am way more touched that he risked this exact scenario just to come meet me than concerned with his actually being sick. For gods sake every time I have to go to the hospital one of the symptoms is nonstop vomiting. And friends puking after drinking? Happens aplenty in my presence.

But I fear that no matter how smoothly the date went his embarrassment might nip this whole thing in the bud. How tragic is that? I gave him my number as we separated, and I am going to email him to say thank you for such a nice time, but what are the odds he is out at this point?

Ah well, at least I followed through on a first date. The year of dating continues!!!


Heather said...

He sounds like a keeper! Yeah Rockstar!

Anonymous said...

Don't let him run away just because he got sick! Just shows he's a real person. A stubborn, doesn't let stuff (like being a little sick) get in his way. I like him.

carolyn said...

:) good for you for following through!! you're right! very proud!!!

Darius said...

Hang in there! If things went as well as you say then he'll call. Justine and I met on Match and it'll be 3 years come Sunday. Where has the time gone???